1st round debate smackdown? More like mild fist shake-fest

Take that, crackaJust finished watching the first presidential debate for the 2008 election. Overall, it wasn’t too terribly exciting. Obama seemed to have several good points on the economy, while McCain seemed most confident on matters of foreign policy (Iraq excluded). When Jim Lehrer asked how or what they would cut from their presidential plans to help the economy, the first differences were apparent. Obama mentioned they would have to cut certain areas of all of his ideas, but was very vague and resistant to name any specific cuts. McCain said, lets put a spending freeze on absolutely everything, except defense and funding for veterans. McCain was going for drastic, and I’m assuming “mavrick-y” (whatever that means) but it came across to me as not very well thought out. Obama, while obviously going for the most politically correct answer, came across as evasive and indirect.