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Apple busts out the Golden Ratio

Yeah, they went there. The Golden Mean is a mathematical formula that is both complex and simple at the same time. Basically when you compare two objects and the difference between the two is the same ratio as the difference between the two objects combined compared with the larger object. Or a ratio of 1.618, if you are like me and didn’t study math. The Mona Lisa, the front side of Parthenon in Athens (intentional or not), works by Salvador Dalí and more all use close approximations of this equation, and lots of people will argue that it helps make the art more appealing and physically balanced. Well add Apple’s new iCloud logo to that list. Although to be totally honest, I don’t get what all the internet buzz is about (harmonious? Really?? gag). It just looks like someone got a little bevel/ emboss crazy on a couple circles.

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the iPad vs Flash: A tragic tale of hope lost

Apple iPad vs. Adobe Flash

Apple product launch days always start with a wave of crazy anticipation; tech fans hold their collective breath when Steve Jobs is launching a new mysterious product. But really the only things still mysterious about Apple’s new tablet computer were the finer points: Would the iPad have a webcam for video chat? Would it run Adobe Flash? Would it give you the best web experience ever, with 10 weeks of battery life, all while curing world hunger and giving your car 75 miles to the gallon? Was it going to revolutionize the way we compute? I was hoping for a yes on at least one of those; then I might be able to justify buying one. And I really do want to have a reason.