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  • M83 crams in every telekinesis movie reference ever in 4 minutes

    What happens when you make a music video that is an homage to Scanners, X-Men, X-files, Fringe, Push with a little Children of the Corn mixed in? You get this video. I will admit that the visual FX are rendered fairly well; I’d say on par with Fringe and better than any other sci-fi on […]

  • Puma + Subaru join forces for the Global Rallycross Championship [vid]

    Puma + Subaru join forces for the Global Rallycross Championship [vid]

    It really doesn’t take much to get me excited about Rallycross: Fast cars driven at top speed over rough terrain with a good chance of glorious crashes? You had me at “Fast”; not to mention how big of a Subaru nerd I am. So naturally Puma sponsoring Subaru’s 2012 Global Rallycross team got me more […]

  • Mountain biking with an IMAX point of view [vid]

    I finally dragged my butt of the couch and got my first mountain bike ride of the year in. It always takes the first ride to get the single track fever back and now it’s hit me in full force. Between scouring Google maps for trails and pondering which bike parts I need to upgrade, […]

  • Everything seems more extreme with the Go Pro Hero HD[vid]

    Ever since that space video, I’ve wanted a GoPro HD camera; I just didn’t want to drop 300 bones on one. Thanks to the REI Used Gear sale and some chump who returned a perfectly good camera, I scored one for $20. Here’s my first pass with it on the Goliath roller coaster at Six […]

  • Forget Branson; see space on the cheap [vid]

    I’d like to say I’ve grown wiser and more mature in recent years, but lets be honest: I still hate those kids that went to Space Camp. And with Sir Richard Branson taking his sweet time getting the commercial space tourism industry launched, options are dwindling for chumps like me to see the global horizon. […]

  • Gettin’ our shoot on

    Arguably it was the hottest spring day in L.A. Melissa’s car was dead so our friend was bringing it back to life on the East-side of downtown. Far East side; borderline industrial hood. To make matters worse, she was moving back to Texas in two weeks and we were both bummed. Even marathon PCH drives […]