Chris Nolan, pick your Catwomen

Possible Catwomen It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion. The next Batman movie is going to have a Catwoman in it. they blew up the love interest in the last film and need a new villan, so this would kill two birds with one actress. At least that’s the consensus amongst my co-workers and myself. So the real question is who? Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and even Cher (?!) have all been rumored to play the role, but Meagan can’t act, Angelina is too crazy ( and too well-known), and Cher is older than my grandma. Sorry Halle, you had your shot. So here’s the criteria we came up with over a brainstorm lunch session at Woodranch: Athletic, edgy, a little crazy, and not too well known.

Marion Cotillard: Most people in the US will know her from her (underused) role in Inception or possibly remember her as Johnny Depp’s girlfriend in Public Enemies, but other than that most of her movies have been in French. She’s shown she can be off-her-rocker in Inception, and has already worked with Chris Nolan. Puts her at the top of (my) list.

Zoe Saldana: Until her role in Star Trek, she was pretty much a TV actress. Oh yeah, and was in that Nick Cannon movie Drumline (which I’ve seen more times than I’d prefer to admit). She’s very athletic (Avatar), and played crazy rather well in Losers. Oh, she also knows her way around a rocket launcher. So hot.

Olivia Wilde: She plays “Thirteen” on House, M.D.: The token “crazy/edgy/lesbian” doctor. Also playing her first breakout role in the upcoming Tron sequel. Not as good of an actress as the first two, but could still pull it off.

Keira Knightley: I didn’t think she belongs on this list; she seems too scrawny. But apparently she plays the female bounty hunter role fairly well in Domino, so we’ll let this one slide. Whoever they pick, I’m pretty sure she will have to fit into this criteria. If it turns out to be Megan Fox I’m gonna have to make like Wayne Brady and choke out Chris Nolan.