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Back from Adobe MAX 2009

Adobe Max 2009

Got to go to AdobeMAX again this year. Took some arm-twisting by some co-workers to get the expense approved, but it probably helped that it was here in L.A. this year. As expected, it was a total nerd-fest, and as expected I loved every minute of it. I got to go to Flash classes taught by my idols, including Joshua Davis, Lee Brimelow, Colin Moock and Seb Lee-Delisle. John Mayer made a guest appearance. Probably to collect his giant bag with a dollar sign on the side. Even Mark Hamill was there as a presenter (yes, Luke Skywalker), and it looked like he was only there because he heard a rumor there was an open bar. He was looking more like William Shatner.

There were quite a few cool things announced on the horizon for interactive web developers like myself, including Adobe Flash CS5. Custom code hinting, integration with Flash Builder 4, the 10.1 player for every mobile phone under the sun (except the iPhone, of course), and the fact that it would just run a lot less processor power under 10.1. All good news for me. Oh, and the ability to create iPhone apps out of flash! Job security is always good.

All in all, MAX was a good time and a worthwhile investment as a web developer. Can’t wait for next year!

Outside the Nokia Theater
Nerds everywhere

Mark Hamill collecting checks for his alimony
May the alchohol be with you

Avatar 3D sneak peak was awesome
Avatar sneak peak

Nerds love their Teslas!
Nerds love Teslas

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