Portland Trip: Raising A Ruckus!

Finally a vacation. I haven’t taking any real time off from work in a while; about a year in fact. So much so that my rollover vacation days stopped accruing; that’s when you know you’ve got issues. So when my friend Dan told me it was high time I got my Oregon on, I blew the dust off my snowboard and got the hell out of Southern California.

By the way, it never seems to be the right time to go on vacation. The week before, my job laid off about 15 of my friends. Then the night before I was supposed to fly out, I sprained my ankle at SkateLab. Not the best of omens, but you do what you gotta do, and I had to hit the Oregon Trail.

Riding up

Regardless, the trip was killer: A blur of snowboarding, Guitar Hero, Arrested Development, eating out, sleeping in, trying to skateboard on bum ankle, ignoring work emails and basically spending a ton of money under the guise that Oregon’s lack of sales tax made it all somehow even out in the end. Before I knew it, I was back on the plane getting my ear talked off by some old lady who wanted to assure me she normally would never fly coach and therefore was better than me. I love L.A.!

Riding up

Killer weather + good snow.

Rockin out in Hood River

Amber, Deneal & I on tour performing at the Hood River Comfort Suite. Surprised there were no complaints… about how much we rock.

great food.

I love food, which probably explains a lot. Good eats, plus a picture of Chompers thrown in for good measure.


Super Diamond’s Surreal Neal. Diamonds are forever!

Revenge of the bike nerds

When I saw this, it seemed to completely sum up the differences between Portland and Los Angeles. SoCal is gigante. You have to have a car. But if you ever want to pedal around, good luck with that. If L.A.’s hate for bicycles is The Empire Strikes Back, then Portland would definitely be The Return of the Jedi.

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