This Twitter username for sale. Gently used.

Twitter. Get on it.

I was reading some Twitter updates last night when when I came across one proclaiming “This Twitter Username For Sale”. At first I thought, “Okay, now it’s gone too far”, but after I’ve been thinking about it a bit more, it might not be too far off. Love it or hate it, Twitter is becoming a requisite in the online industry.
Don’t get me wrong: websites are not being overtaken by twitter updates; you can only squeeze 140 characters in each tweet, after all. But corporate sites can also be cumbersome and often not up-to-date. Even blogs require some effort to keep them current. More and more, if you want the latest info, twitter is filling that gap. So, go get your corporate twitter ID if you haven’t already. It’s free. Even if you don’t use it, just put in one tweet linking to the current account you use. Better safe than sorry.

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