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IOS tip: Add a Smart App Banner To Your Website

So you tried to get by with just a mobile-optimized version of your site, but it wasn’t cutting it and you built an app. How do you let iPhone users know you even have an app? Companies have tried pretty much everything under the sun and 99% of them are annoying as hell. Thankfully with IOS 6, Apple has provided a super simple standard to incoporate this. Start by adding the snippet below into…

Diving back into iPhone app development

iPhone 5

Man. It’s been 2 years since Felix and I build the Alphie app for Hasbro. At the time, our boss came to us and said “Which one of you knows how to make iPhone apps?” We looked at each other and said, “…Uh, neither of us?” To which our boss replied, “Well, you’d both better start learning. We already told the client we could.” What followed was a few months of a torturous crash course of trying…

iPhone 4 is finally here

iPhone 4

2 years. Thats how long it’s been since my buddy Felix & I waited in line at 6 AM in front of the AT&T store to get the iPhone 3G. I held off from getting last year’s model; I guess the $699 price tag was enough to keep me at bay, but just barely. So two years later, with a new job across town, I find myself once again standing in line at 6 AM with my buddy Felix to get Apple’s latest toy. But…

Now with 50% more iPhone goodness!

Russdesigns has gone mobile

After spending the last few days working on making another site experience more iphone-friendly, I figured why not my own? I started by scrapping my old ghetto Wordpress theme in favor of something from scratch and a lot more minimal. Once I got it to where I liked, I realized the iPhone version sucked now sucked.

My first step in iphonization (thats a real word. i think) was installing t…

Finally MMS graces the iPhone

MMS finally comes to the iPhone

Insert the obligatory “Welcome To 2003” joke here. But all things aside, it works, and it works great. Glad now that I upgraded to that 1500 messages plan. Of course I’m a chump with only a 3G iPhone so I can only receiv…

iPhone 3G jailbreak, not just for ninjas anymore

Bruce Lee hearts the iPhone jailbreak

When the first iPhone came out, I was boycotting it. Lame, I know, but I refused to go to the Apple store and even look at it. I knew the second I got my hands on one, I’d have to buy it right there on the spot, and I really wasn’t in the mood to spend 600 bucks. I’m proud to say I held out for a whole week.

WordPress app for the iPhone

So I finally got the Wordpress app for the iPhone working. And while yes, it does work (I’m writing this post on it), there are caveats.

A few things that could be better:
For one, image placement lacks any kind of align in the image tag, so the picture placement is very haphazard and it just plain looks bad. Sure you can manually add the align code, but I think a lot of users of this a…

The iWPhone plugin for WordPress

Iphone ready version of this blog.

Thanks to this free plugin for WordPress, you can instantly format your blog specifically for the iphone when someone logs on from one. Sweet. It basically just switches the CSS stylesheet when it detects you are on from the mobile Safari browser. The mobile page looks like the default Wordpress theme, but you have complete access to the CSS and can edit that style it to look however you like.