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Shrek4 site for Nickelodeon

Project: Shrek microsite for Nick.com. My role: Lead Flash developer.

Nickelodeon came to us needing a Flash microsite for the latest Shrek installment, Shrek4. I was given the role as lead developer on the site, including a majority of the site creation, all the framework development, deep-linking and tracking info. The E-cards and Waffle Shuffle game were developed by my friend Felix.

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the iPad vs Flash: A tragic tale of hope lost

Apple iPad vs. Adobe FlashApple product launch days always start with a wave of crazy anticipation; tech fans hold their collective breath when Steve Jobs is launching a new mysterious product. But really the only things still mysterious about Apple’s new tablet computer were the finer points: Would the iPad have a webcam for video chat? Would it run Adobe Flash? Would it give you the best web experience ever, with 10 weeks of battery life, all while curing world hunger and giving your car 75 miles to the gallon? Was it going to revolutionize the way we compute? I was hoping for a yes on at least one of those; then I might be able to justify buying one. And I really want to have a reason…

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Back from Adobe MAX 2009

Adobe Max 2009 Got to go to AdobeMAX again this year. Took some arm-twisting by some co-workers to get the expense approved, but it probably helped that it was here in L.A. this year. As expected, it was a total nerd-fest, and as expected I loved every minute of it. I got to go to Flash classes taught by my idols, including Joshua Davis, Lee Brimelow, Colin Moock and Seb Lee-Delisle. John Mayer made a guest appearance. Probably to collect his giant bag with a dollar sign on the side. Even Mark Hamill was there as a presenter (yes, Luke Skywalker), and it looked like he was only there because he heard a rumor there was an open bar. He was looking more like William Shatner.

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AS3 Event Generator panel

Event Generator panel Unfortunately for me, it seems like the whole Flash world has ditched me for ActionScript 3.0. It’s middle school all over again! 🙁 Feeling constricted… hard to breathe! Last night, at the L.A. Flash Users meeting, everything was in AS3. So a special thanks needs to go out to Lee Brimelow for making that transition a little bit easier with his Event Generator panel, which lets you pick the events you want and – boom – they are saved to your clipboard. Definitely making my life that much easier. Maybe now I won’t get picked last for dodgeball.