Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while

So bad its goodThis terrible movie is on TV, called The Breed. College students decide to spend spring break on a deserted island or something to that effect. Killer dogs – who apparently can think and reason – ruin their holiday. So a dog is attacking Michelle Rodriguez and the hero guy decides to shoot the dog with a bow and arrow. They do this whole matrix-spin / slow motion thing, but instead of hitting the dog, Michelle Rodriguez getting shot in through the leg with the arrow instead, ha ha.
The swimmer vs. dogs swimming doggy-paddle style chase scene was hilarious too.

Some awesome quotes:

“Death by dog is brutal man!!!!”

“So attack dogs plus some weird strain of rabies equals what? Some scary ass lassies, that’s what!!!”

The Democrat battle continues on the visual front

When Shepard Fairey dropped his “Hope/Progress” screenprint featuring Barack Obama, I’ll admit it was an inspiration to me. The bold red and blue colors seemed to reinforce Obama’s main tenets of bridging political party divides, and the bold call to action was a reminder that individuals still can (and should) make a difference. That visual inspiration was also one more thing to add to the growing list that Barack Obama brought, which Hillary lacked. So when I saw Hillary Clinton‘s new poster in a crowd photo, it made me do a double-take.

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Radiohead now two for two with their web releases

Thom from RadioheadWhen it came time for Radiohead to release their last album, “In Rainbows“, they decided to go against the mainstream way of selling it and offered the whole album for download, at whatever price you chose. Similar to, except William Shatner wont let you choose your roundtrip flight to Hawaii for .01 cent. In fact many people (like myself) put in zero cents and still downloaded it.
Stupid, some said. Not the way you do business! said many others. Regardless, the bottom line is that Radiohead made some serious cash off that endeavor. After flooding the market with 128 kbps MP3s, they announced the higher rez version and the actual CD for sale. It effectively nullified illegal downloads, and increased their visibility as well. Their new online endeavor? Just as genius.

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iPhone users are know-it-alls?

White Void Portfolio So according to the L.A. Times, iPhone users are all a bunch of smart asses. Whenever a trivial or inane factoid comes up that needs to be proved (or disproved), the iPhoners whip out the touch screen and hit up the Google. Is the article a bit one-sided? Maybe so. But it’s for sure hella true in my case. At Disneyland a few days ago arguing about how a guy died on the skycar? Wikipedia to the rescue. In about a minute, I had not only confirmation, but also the date, name of the guy who took the swan dive, and why the Magic Kingdom dismantled the ride weeks later.

AS3 Event Generator panel

Event Generator panel Unfortunately for me, it seems like the whole Flash world has ditched me for ActionScript 3.0. It’s middle school all over again! 🙁 Feeling constricted… hard to breathe! Last night, at the L.A. Flash Users meeting, everything was in AS3. So a special thanks needs to go out to Lee Brimelow for making that transition a little bit easier with his Event Generator panel, which lets you pick the events you want and – boom – they are saved to your clipboard. Definitely making my life that much easier. Maybe now I won’t get picked last for dodgeball.