Solar Eclipse from space: Photoshop of the week

After the solar eclipse on Sunday, awesome photos capturing it started cropping up all over the internet. This one instantly showed up all over Twitter and Facebook, claiming to be a picture shot from the ISS space station. Unfortunately this too-good-to-be-true pic has joined the ranks of The Tourist Guy on the World Trade Center and Shark Attacking Helicopter; a.k.a. it’s a total fake. A convincing fake, created by a this user from the DeviantArt forum. Even though it’s a fake, its still pretty inspiring and worth the hype.

Puma + Subaru join forces for the Global Rallycross Championship [vid]

It really doesn’t take much to get me excited about Rallycross: Fast cars driven at top speed over rough terrain with a good chance of glorious crashes? You had me at “Fast”; not to mention how big of a Subaru nerd I am. So naturally Puma sponsoring Subaru’s 2012 Global Rallycross team got me more than a little interested.
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Pour a refreshing bowl of Kevin Garnett Murder-Ohs

P54I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’m a sucker for packaging: great or horrendous. You know this. Having sat in one too many creative brainstorms in my day, I inevitably find myself taking guesses at what the creatives were thinking when designing something like this cereal box. I’m sure they were trying to capture the “raw intensity and determination” of a professional athlete, but to me it’s more like Kevin Garnett is saying, “Buy my cereal or I’ll murder you In your sleep!!” which, hey, I mean I guess it worked either way because I bought it. So… we’re cool now, right KG??

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The WRX gets racked

WRX gets racked I bought my little Subaru in the beginning of 2008, and a few months later I bought the Thule rack for it. One problem; nobody had the fit kit for it! Thule didn’t even have it available to buy yet. And so I forgot about it. And then when I remembered, I was too broke. Then I forgot again.

Regardless, I finally got the missing pieces – 3 years later – and the car is now officially ready to ride. I sent this picture to my brother Carl and he instantly pointed out a major flaw: There isn’t a second bike tray for him. :/

Apple busts out the Golden Ratio

Yeah, they went there. The Golden Mean is a mathematical formula that is both complex and simple at the same time. Basically when you compare two objects and the difference between the two is the same ratio as the difference between the two objects combined compared with the larger object. Or a ratio of 1.618, if you are like me and didn’t study math. The Mona Lisa, the front side of Parthenon in Athens (intentional or not), works by Salvador DalĂ­ and more all use close approximations of this equation, and lots of people will argue that it helps make the art more appealing and physically balanced. Well add Apple’s new iCloud logo to that list. Although to be totally honest, I don’t get what all the internet buzz is about (harmonious? Really?? gag). It just looks like someone got a little bevel/ emboss crazy on a couple circles.

Mountain biking with an IMAX point of view [vid]

I finally dragged my butt of the couch and got my first mountain bike ride of the year in. It always takes the first ride to get the single track fever back and now it’s hit me in full force. Between scouring Google maps for trails and pondering which bike parts I need to upgrade, there’s a whole slew of videos to I need to watch. Framed is a short but gorgeous video showcasing just how awe-inspiring mountain biking can be. Some scenes were filmed with the Red One; one of the highest quality digital video cameras out there.