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Forget Branson; see space on the cheap [vid]

I’d like to say I’ve grown wiser and more mature in recent years, but lets be honest: I still hate those kids that went to Space Camp. And with Sir Richard Branson taking his sweet time getting the commercial space tourism industry launched, options are dwindling for chumps like me to see the global horizon. That’s why this experiment done by a father and son in Upstate New York seems so awesome. Using little more than a weather balloon, GPS tracker and an HD helmet cam – the so very awesome GoPro HD – they got legit HD quality footage from space. Seriously badass.

Honda reinvents the bike that invented them

Honda EV Cub There’s definitely a stigma to motorcycle riders being bad boys, but in the 50’s, those were pretty much the ONLY people who rode bikes. Motorbikes were looked down on by the average joe, and Hollywood only reinforced the stereotype with classics like The Wild One and Easy Rider. But Honda didn’t want to sell to the outlaws and thugs. They wanted to make a bike that not only everyone could ride, but would want to ride. They came up with the Super Cub.

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Inaug app brings the straight dope to Facebook addicts

Inauguration Report Facebook appSo I check my Facebook profile a lot. I’ll admit it. I also spend a decent amount of time browsing Flickr and updating my Twitter status too. Don’t get me started on Youtube. So when I heard about this Inauguration Report Facebook app being developed that combines them all into one, I was intrigued to say the least.
I’m a big fan of simple and straight-forward, which this app delivers on. It pulls images from Flickr and Twitter updates tagged with Inaug09 all into one module. It also ties in with the Inauguration Report iPhone app, where any pictures taken with it will automatically be uploaded to the player. The icing on the cake is the live audio stream from NPR of the president’s address. It was put together by my peeps at Sapient Interactive, the same design agency that created that kick-ass touchscreen Coke machine at the Olympics and more recently CES.

The Democrat battle continues on the visual front

When Shepard Fairey dropped his “Hope/Progress” screenprint featuring Barack Obama, I’ll admit it was an inspiration to me. The bold red and blue colors seemed to reinforce Obama’s main tenets of bridging political party divides, and the bold call to action was a reminder that individuals still can (and should) make a difference. That visual inspiration was also one more thing to add to the growing list that Barack Obama brought, which Hillary lacked. So when I saw Hillary Clinton‘s new poster in a crowd photo, it made me do a double-take.

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