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iPhone 4 is finally here

iPhone 4 2 years. Thats how long it’s been since my buddy Felix & I waited in line at 6 AM in front of the AT&T store to get the iPhone 3G. I held off from getting last year’s model; I guess the $699 price tag was enough to keep me at bay, but just barely. So two years later, with a new job across town, I find myself once again standing in line at 6 AM with my buddy Felix to get Apple’s latest toy. But instead of 20 people ahead of us, this time there was roughly 500.

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Team Coco hits L.A.

Conan's Comedy Tour I’ve been a Conan O’Brien fan pretty much since I was able to stay up long enough to watch him on the Late Show. So after the whole debacle with NBC unceremoniously giving him the boot from the Tonight Show, I was surprised to hear he wasn’t snatched up immediately by another major network (ahem, Fox!). So how does an ex-talk show host fill his time after being paid 30+ million to not do a talk show? Between Red Bull-fueled marathon sessions of Halo, you do a comedy tour, naturally.

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the iPad vs Flash: A tragic tale of hope lost

Apple iPad vs. Adobe FlashApple product launch days always start with a wave of crazy anticipation; tech fans hold their collective breath when Steve Jobs is launching a new mysterious product. But really the only things still mysterious about Apple’s new tablet computer were the finer points: Would the iPad have a webcam for video chat? Would it run Adobe Flash? Would it give you the best web experience ever, with 10 weeks of battery life, all while curing world hunger and giving your car 75 miles to the gallon? Was it going to revolutionize the way we compute? I was hoping for a yes on at least one of those; then I might be able to justify buying one. And I really want to have a reason…

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Honda reinvents the bike that invented them

Honda EV Cub There’s definitely a stigma to motorcycle riders being bad boys, but in the 50’s, those were pretty much the ONLY people who rode bikes. Motorbikes were looked down on by the average joe, and Hollywood only reinforced the stereotype with classics like The Wild One and Easy Rider. But Honda didn’t want to sell to the outlaws and thugs. They wanted to make a bike that not only everyone could ride, but would want to ride. They came up with the Super Cub.

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Back from Adobe MAX 2009

Adobe Max 2009 Got to go to AdobeMAX again this year. Took some arm-twisting by some co-workers to get the expense approved, but it probably helped that it was here in L.A. this year. As expected, it was a total nerd-fest, and as expected I loved every minute of it. I got to go to Flash classes taught by my idols, including Joshua Davis, Lee Brimelow, Colin Moock and Seb Lee-Delisle. John Mayer made a guest appearance. Probably to collect his giant bag with a dollar sign on the side. Even Mark Hamill was there as a presenter (yes, Luke Skywalker), and it looked like he was only there because he heard a rumor there was an open bar. He was looking more like William Shatner.

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Now with 50% more iPhone goodness!

Russdesigns has gone mobile After spending the last few days working on making another site experience more iphone-friendly, I figured why not my own? I started by scrapping my old ghetto WordPress theme in favor of something from scratch and a lot more minimal. Once I got it to where I liked, I realized the iPhone version sucked now sucked.

My first step in iphonization (thats a real word. i think) was installing the iWPhone wordpress plugin which checks if you’re using the mobile safari browser and switches the theme accordingly. Then i took the generic WP theme and chopped it up, dropped the sidebar, added some javascript to resize the images to 300 px wide, and tested it a million times until the look was consistent in most aspects with the normal site.

There’s a lot of little tips and tricks out there to make a site function better on the mobile Safari browser. Probably the most helpful was He shows you how to make your site look and act more like a native app by getting the browser out of the way. If you’re going to try this out for your own site, make sure you also look at Molecular Voices and iPhone Microsites to get you headed on the right path.