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Diving back into iPhone app development

iPhone 5

Man. It’s been 2 years since Felix and I build the Alphie app for Hasbro. At the time, our boss came to us and said “Which one of you knows how to make iPhone apps?” We looked at each other and said, “…Uh, neither of us?” To which our boss replied, “Well, you’d both better start learning. We already told the client we could.” What followed was a few months of a torturous crash course of trying…

GoPro Sledding [vid]

Snow is fun! As long as I don’t live in it. Thats’ been my life long mantra and after spending about 6 months in Utah when I was 17, I confirmed that. So I’ll stick to sunny California, but when I need my snow fix I know where to go.

Every bank should be Simple

I hate banks; the times I’ve been screwed by a bank is easily in the double digits. So I remember the first time I was excited for a new bank, when Washington Mutual came around. They were the closest thing to what could be called an un-bank (a bank without all the B.S.). I guess that plan didn’t really work out so well for them since they went bankrupt and became a part of Chase. And just lik…

From Tokyo With Love

It’s been a dream of mine for a while now to go to Japan, although to be honest I’m not 100% sure why. I guess it’s some combination of what I imagined to be the urban insanity of Tokyo plus the hi-tech gadgets they’ve had for years before we did. William Gibson novels like Neuromancer didn’t help either. In fact, I think the most accurate information I had about the country came from t…

Happy Beard Day

Yesterday my wife successfully pulled of a legitimate surprise party for my birthday, which until now I honestly didn’t think was possible. We had already planned for my parents to come down for the weekend and stay at our apartment, which for me was a big step on its own. Even though I’ve lived on my own for the past 16 years, this was the first time my parents actually came and stayed with me.

Puma + Subaru join forces for the Global Rallycross Championship [vid]

It really doesn’t take much to get me excited about Rallycross: Fast cars driven at top speed over rough terrain with a good chance of glorious crashes? You had me at “Fast”; not to mention how big of a Subaru nerd I am. So naturally Puma sponsoring Subaru’s 2012 Global Rallycross team got me more than a litt…

Officially hitched!

It’s official. The dishes are done, man. Yup, I got married! On October the 15th, my fiancĂ© Kat and I tied the knot here in Los Angeles. It was a whirlwind of crazy planning and a heck of a lot of last minute scrambling, but we somehow were able to get everything in place and we pulled it off.

Tokyo Slo-mode [vid]

Seriously sick. This is why after the wedding I’m saving all my money for a Tokyo…

Pour a refreshing bowl of Kevin Garnett Murder-Ohs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’m a sucker for packaging: great or horrendous. You know this. Having sat in one too many creative brainstorms in my day, I inevitably find myself taking guesses at what the creatives were thinking when designing something like this cereal box. I’m sure they were trying to capture the “raw intensity and determination” of a professional athlete, but to…

The pros & cons of handmade wedding invites

This weekend Kat & I decided to silk-screen our wedding invites by hand. Why, you might ask? Mainly we wanted to do something handmade fitting our style, but it was also a heck of a lot cheaper than having someone else do it! One caveat: neither of us have silkscreened anything in the last 6 years and we had no equipment. Minor technicality. Yeah.