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The iWPhone plugin for WordPress

Iphone ready version of this blog. Thanks to this free plugin for WordPress, you can instantly format your blog specifically for the iphone when someone logs on from one. Sweet. It basically just switches the CSS stylesheet when it detects you are on from the mobile Safari browser. The mobile page looks like the default WordPress theme, but you have complete access to the CSS and can edit that style it to look however you like.

Kanye may have graduated just a tad bit too early

Graduation! About as applicable as Kanye's album. Kanye West’s latest album. Overall it’s not bad, but for the hype, it doesn’t push any boundries. It comes across as a very ‘safe’ LP, one step above phoning it it. Still, its has some good beats and is chill music to work to.

I’d have to say the song with Coldplay’s Chris Martin ties with Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ as my album faves.
Had this in my playlist rotation for a while now and would give it a 3.5 out of 5. Good effort, but again, with the amount of buzz built up around it, it just doesn’t hold up to the hype.

Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Microsite

Project: Flash Microsite for for Liberty Mutual. My role: Flash developer.

Liberty Mutual needed a microsite to promote their new line of Renter’s Insurance, aimed at the twenty-something college crowd. I was tasked with developing a flash microsite that showcased various personas and how much it would cost to insure their all their belongings.

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