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Puma + Subaru join forces for the Global Rallycross Championship [vid]

It really doesn’t take much to get me excited about Rallycross: Fast cars driven at top speed over rough terrain with a good chance of glorious crashes? You had me at “Fast”; not to mention how big of a Subaru nerd I am. So naturally Puma sponsoring Subaru’s 2012 Global Rallycross team got me more than a little interested.

Their team lineup choices are pretty interesting: Dave Mirra: BMX legend, Bucky Lasek: vert skateboard pro and Sverre Isachsen: Rallycross Veteran from Europe. Mirra can hold his own, but I’m glad they reeled in Isachsen because they are up against some stiff competition and need all the experience they can find. The Ford team has Ken Freaking Block on their team, not to mention Tanner Foust from the American Top Gear. Check out the video for some monster Subarus, roaring engines and blatant Puma product placements. And Make sure to check out the Rallycross circuit which starts on May 26th. Probably on ESPN 12 or something, but its better than nothing.

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