Officially hitched!

Russ and Kat got married

It’s official. The dishes are done, man. Yup, I got married! On October the 15th, my fiancĂ© Kat and I tied the knot here in Los Angeles. It was a whirlwind of crazy planning and a heck of a lot of last minute scrambling, but we somehow were able to get everything in place and we pulled it off.

And of course by “we” I mean my wife. She did the lion’s share of the planning (and bore a lot of the stress) to get this done, along with an amazing rag-tag team of awesome friends who helped get so much done. They were like the A-Team of wedding helpers and we couldn’t have done it without them. After the reception we went straight on our honeymoon to Playa del Carmen. We just got back so when I get a chance I’ll put a post with some Mexico pictures.

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