Team Coco hits L.A.

Conan's Comedy Tour

I’ve been a Conan O’Brien fan pretty much since I was able to stay up long enough to watch him on the Late Show. So after the whole debacle with NBC unceremoniously giving him the boot from the Tonight Show, I was surprised to hear he wasn’t snatched up immediately by another major network (ahem, Fox!). So how does an ex-talk show host fill his time after being paid 30+ million to not do a talk show? Between Red Bull-fueled marathon sessions of Halo, you do a comedy tour, naturally.

Conan's Comedy Tour

It was called “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour” and Conan pointed out, that wasn’t totally meant as a joke. As part of his settlement, he isn’t allowed to do another talk show until September, so he decided to take his show on the road.

It was definitely a Los Angeles outing, although I’m not sure if that should be construed as good or bad. A lot of celebs showed up in support of Coco’s first time on a stage in L.A. since he was fired; David Spade was sitting a few rows ahead of us along with that goofy guy Kenneth from 30 Rock. In the middle of one of Conan’s songs (yes, he sang) Jim Carey came out of nowhere in a superman costume to make it a duet. Other peeps who showed up to pull the Walker Texas Ranger lever were Aziz Ansari from Parks & Recreation, that chubby kid from Superbad, and John Hamm from Mad Men. I was almost crying at one point I was laughing so hard. I highly recommend it to any real Coco fan!

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