NBA is starting to “get” this web thing

NBA TV Companion

I went to check out the Lakers website at half-time and I did a mini double-take when instead of the usual home-page instead I got a giant current scoreboard / play-by-play screen. It’s called the NBA TV Companion and first debuted last month.

This is exactly what I (and I’m sure quite a few othe NBA fans out there) have been waiting for and the very first iteration is solid. More importantly though, is the number of clicks it took to find it from the Lakers page. None. I just went to the homepage and the TV Companion popped up; once click will take you through to the normal site, but during game-time this is all the info I want.

They mentioned they found a lot of people are browsing the web and watching TV at the same time (right here), but it’s also great if you live out of the area or can’t catch the game because your roommate filled the Tivo with So You Think You Can Dance. Bonus points: It isn’t flash-based, which means it even works on my iPhone.

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