Now with 50% more iPhone goodness!

Russdesigns has gone mobile

After spending the last few days working on making another site experience more iphone-friendly, I figured why not my own? I started by scrapping my old dusty WordPress theme in favor of something from scratch and a lot more minimal. Once I got it to where I liked, I realized the mobile version now sucked.

My first step in iphonization (thats a real word. i think) was installing the iWPhone wordpress plugin which checks if you’re using the mobile safari browser and switches the theme accordingly. Then i took the generic WP theme and chopped it up, dropped the sidebar, added some javascript to resize the images to 300 px wide, and tested it a million times until the look was consistent in most aspects with the normal site.

There’s a lot of little tips and tricks out there to make a site function better on the mobile Safari browser. Probably the most helpful was He shows you how to make your site look and act more like a native app by getting the browser out of the way. If you’re going to try this out for your own site, make sure you also look at Molecular Voices and iPhone Microsites to get you headed on the right path.

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