WordPress app for the iPhone

So I finally got the WordPress app for the iPhone working. And while yes, it does work (I’m writing this post on it), there are caveats.

A few things that could be better:
For one, image placement lacks any kind of align in the image tag, so the picture placement is very haphazard and it just plain looks bad. Sure you can manually add the align code, but I think a lot of users of this app won’t know how to do that.

Also, I don’t like how when you hit save, it puts you back into the list of posts. When you use the actual version of WordPress and you publish, it keeps you in the post so you can keep editing it. I’m a prolific saver by nature, it’s burned into my brain by years of working on large photoshop files on crash-prone computers. Having to go back into the post after every save isn’t that big of a deal, but it breaks up my work flow and typing on the iPhone isn’t the easiest task.

These annoyances aside, the app works, and the few things it does, it does fairly well. If you need to post on the go, this app could be for you. Besides, it’s free.

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